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Sage Barbie Lesson 1 Part C
Sexy diapered Dominatrix sage takes slave Barbie's diaper down around her knees and makes her fill it with her piss ! Barbie's diaper is absolutely full of her piss as it sags around her knees and to further humiliate her Sage and I make her sit in her soaked dirty diaper and begin to bring the pain as she flogs the ditty little diaper pain slut ! Next, Sage decides to open up her diaper exposing her gorgeous pussy to piss in Barbie's pretty mouth and makes her swallow and drink all her piss as she completely drenches her !
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Barbie Lesson 2 Part B
It's time for bed wetting hottie Barbie to get diapered, and she just loves how the diaper feels and caresses it, then, I have her sit in the diaper on the floor and I put it on her nice and snug and Barbie just looks gorgeous and hot all diapered up ! I love checking out her big beautiful diapered booty as she turns around and shows off her big sexy diaper for me ! I just love punishing dirty 18 year old Barbie so i slap her pretty face a few times as she cannot wait any longer and just has to let loose so I let her undue the diaper, squat over it and fill it up with her piss ! mmmm . . . mmmm . . . . good, I just love seeing all the golden piss soaked up in the diaper and I simply can't resist slapping Barbie across the face and spanking her ass with her dirty piss-soaked diaper, as she begs me to teach her more !
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Sage Barbie Lesson 2 Part B
Super sexy Sage is rubbing diapered slave slut Barbie's diapered pussy and ass with a huge blue dildo and it's super fun and hot as Barbie slobbers all over herself and the dildo Sage rubs the dildo in her drool and sticks it down Barbie's diaper to rub it on her pussy ! Next Sage opens up Barbie's diaper exposing her precious pussy and proceeds to lube up the big blue dildo and stick it inside her !
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Sage Barbie Lesson 2 Part A
Special guest the sexxxy and amazing diapered dominatrix superstar Sage is here again to dominate and humiliate poor little bound gagged and masked cutie diaper slave slut Barbie !Beautiful precious Barbie starts slobbering and drooling all over herself as Sage mercilessly flogs Barbie as she begs for more and more punishment. Next Sage grabs a big blue dildo so we can have even MORE FUN with our diapered friend Barbie . . .

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