Jasmine Lesson3a
Jasmine Lesson3A: Super model HOT Jasmine is my caged diaper slut in this amazing lesson, and I love watching her get all diapered up for me and puts her amazingly long legs up on the cage so I can get a good look at her sexxxy diapered pussy ! I just cant help but take my leather flog and whip that diapered pussy of hers a few times and Jasmine loves it as she turn over and gets on all fours to let me whip her diapered ass ! So beautiful ! I decide to take a nice spiked collar and leash and have Jasmine collar herself because now I really want to have some caged diaper slut fun !

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Jasmine Lesson 3a
Jasmine Lesson 3A: Super model HOT Jasmine is my caged diaper slut in this amazing lesson, and I love watching her get all diapered up for me and puts her amazingly long legs up on the cage so I can get a good look at her sexxxy diapered pussy ! I just cant help but take my leather flog and whip that diapered pussy of hers a few times and Jasmine loves it as she turn over and gets on all fours to let me whip her diapered ass ! So beautiful ! I decide to take a nice spiked collar and leash and have Jasmine collar herself because now I really want to have some caged diaper slut fun !
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Jasmine Lesson3c

Jasmine Lesson3C: Super smoking hot caged leashed and collared diaper slut Jasmine is back and she's got her diaper opened up for us already and she's rubbing her amazing gorgeous clit ! I love how Jasmine licks her fingers to make them wetter and rubs her sexy hot diapered clit for me ! Ohhhh, next Jasmine starts fingering herself and this is making her sexy diapered pussy all nice and wet and so she puts her long sexy legs up on the cage to get better access to her pussy. Jasmine loves how her pussy tastes as she takes her finger out and put sin her mouth to suck her pussy juice. Soon Jasmine has two of her sexy fingers in her pussy and I love watching this caged diapered whore finger herself more and more with her legs up on the cage ! I just can't resist sticking a nice big pink dildo in Jasmine's and she loves that to but really wants to fuck herself with it and taste her gorgeous diapered pussy by sucking on it too !

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Lily_Dahlia_Lesson3A: Super hot and cute diaper sluts Lily and Dahlia are back for more sexy and hot diaper lover action on Lesson 3 ! Lily and Dahlia start by putting on two brand new , big, beautiful, soft white diapers on their sexy bodies and they look so happy and hot all diapered up ! Lily is such a dirty little diaper slut though and she knows it , she just pretends to be all innocent, so I have Lily get down on all fours and Dahlia spanks her diapered butt a few times as Lily winces in pain but she actually secretly LOVES being spanked on her diaper ! I instruct Lily to crawl in her diaper to the end of the hallway to show me how obedient and submissive as a little diaper slut and she does a great job so I have Lily get down real low to the floor and stick her big beautiful diapered ass in the air and I brand her an official diaper slut by writing the word "slut" in red lipstick on her cute diapered ass ! Mmmm, mmmm . . . Lily looks so sweet and cute like that crawling around all diapered, I just can;t wait to let dahlia have her way with her ! Next I instruct Lily to crawl back into the kitchen where we started and where dahlia is waiting for her ! Dahlia puts on a nice big black strap on dildo over top of her diaper and WOW does she ever look sexy standing there stroking her huge strap on cock which sits beautifully over her nice big white soft diaper ! This scene is getting so incredibly horny I can't even believe it ! I just Dahlia is going to destroy Lily with that strap on, stay tuned for the next part of this super hot and sexy strap on diaper slut Lesson to see what happens next !
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Jasmine Lesson3b
Jasmine Lesson3B: Super gorgeous caged diaper slut Jasmine is now collared and on the end of a nice leather leash as I treat her like the disgusting filthy dog that she really is ! I like giving Jasmine dog commands like sit ,stay, roll over, lie down, she's so obedient, what a good little diaper slut dog ! I let Jasmine out of her dog cage so I can paddle her big soft diapered ass and that i so hot ! I decide to give Jasmine a big blue dildo to suck on while I paddle her diapered ass, I know how much this sexy diaper slut loves sucking cock ! I have Jasmine crawl back into her dog cage and open up her diaper for me so I can see her cute pussy ! Ohhh so hot , I want Jasmine to put that huge dildo right up inside her gorgeous pussy !
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Samara Lesson1
Samara Lesson1: Sweet innocent cute brand new Diaper Slut Samara looks just adorable here in her vey first Lesson as she shows me how pretty and sexy her nice big soft diaper is as she poses for me and turns around a few times so I can get a better look at how her diaper pokes up from under her blue jeans and Samara just loves how her diaper fits as she wants to relax and play in her diaper all day long ! Before long Samara and I are both getting really turned on by her diapered hotness and so she takes off her jeans and makes her self more comfortable on the bed; Samara just can't help herself and so she starts rubbing her beautiful diapered pussy and that makes her feel so good and relaxed she lays back on the bed to really have some fun ! Soon Samara is on all fours and rubbing her sexy diapered and ass and I love the sound her big soft diaper makes a she rubs it ! So HOT ! Now Samara is really REALLY getting turned on so she lays on her back and undoes the fasteners on one side of her diaper and opens it up so we can see her gorgeous diapered pussy and she begins t rubs her clit ! WOW ! now this is getting unbelievably hot as Samara writhes around on the bedding rubbing her sexy diapered clit more and more as she gets wetter and wetter under her diaper until she can't help it and just bursts with orgasmic diapered ecstasy !
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Jasmine Lesson3d
Jasmine Lesson3D: Caged diaper slut super hottie Jasmine is diapered and on all fours in her diaper slut cage and wow she's looking as hot as ever ! I love watching Jasmine show me how much she loves to suck cock by sucking a nice big pink dildo through her cage ! What a god little cocksucker she is ! How pretty ! Jasmine just can't wait to get fucked so she unfastens one side of her diaper so she has room to shove the pink dildo right up inside her amazing pussy and starts fucking herself ! rnAhhhh, so gorgeous as diaper slut Jasmine just loves to sit around in her diaper all day fucking herself silly and tasting her dirty pussy as she sticks the dildo in her mouth to suck her diapered pussy juice !rn
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Jasmine Lesson1: OMFD !! (oh my fucking diapers!) Wow ! Brand new diaper slut Jasmine is here for here very first diaper slut lesson and she is SUPER MODEL HOT ! Amazing ! I love seeing Jasmine get herself all diapered up and checking out her long gorgeous legs and perfect body as she wears a nice big soft white diaper ! Mmmm, mmmm, this really is my lucky day ! Jasmine wants to sit around and relax all day in her big sexy diaper and rub her clit and play with herself and I wanna watch ! Ohhh, this is incredibly hot diaper slut action as Jasmine rubs her diapered clit and gets more and more turned on, soon she slips her hand inside her diaper so she can feel her clit and pussy getting all nice and hot and wet ! Next Jasmine undoes the sides of her diaper so she can get better access to herself as she keeps rubbing her gorgeous clit and turns herself on more and more . . .
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Samara Lesson3a
Samara Lesson3A: The super hot and cute diaper sluts action continues with adorable Samara ! Wow she looks just amazingly cute in her nice big soft white diaper she just can''t wait it show it off to me and how sexy and sweet she looks ! Mmmm, yes indeed gorgeous Samara does look great in her sexy diaper and I could just sit back all day and watch her rub her diapered pussy and ass as she plays with herself in her diaper ! I love looking up Samara's short little jean skirt to see her diapered pussy and ass and how Samara fits so nicely into her beautiful adult diaper it really fits her body perfectly ! Samara finds a huge blue dildo sitting next to her on the bed and now she's really going to have some fun ! Samara wants to show me how she can suck a big dick and how she loves to rub her clit and play with herself under her diaper as she sucks that cock ! Wow ! i just can't wait to see where this awesome diaper action goes in the next Lesson !
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Jasmine Lesson2
Jasmine Lesson2: Unbelievably super model HOT diaper slut Jasmine continues in Lesson 2 as she cannot resist playing with her wet diapered clit ! Wow ! so amazing I love how she undid the fasteners on the side of the diaper to get better access as she rubs her hot diapered pussy. I take a huge blue dildo and stick it right down Jasmine's throat to see how well she can open up her filthy whore throat and suck a huge cock, and she does pretty well so I put it further and further down her throat till she gags ! Very good job Jasmine ! Well, since Jasmine's having so much fun with the dildo I decide to let her suck on it while she rubs her clit so she can continue to practice her cocksucking as she lays around plying with herself in her diaper. Soon Jasmine is getting so turned on she literally can't take it anymore and she decides to make herself come ! Wow ! So amazing and hot as I watch Jasmine buck and moan as she rubs her clit faster and harder till she bursts and comes into her diaper !
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Lily Ruby Lesson4
Lily Ruby Lesson4: The diapered hotness continues as sweet cute diapered Lily rubs her diapered clit as I mercilessly flog Diaper Slut Ruby's big soft white diapered ass ! I have Lily lick Ruby's beautiful diapered pussy and they both love that so much I can't help but reward them each with more lashes with my leather flog ! Next Lily flips Ruby over she's on all fours doggy-style and Lily starts eatig out her diapered pussy from behind ! Gorgeous ! Next Lily really wants to get inside Ruby's diaper as they are both getting very hot and turned on by all this sexy diaper slut action ,so she unfastens one side of Ruby's diaper and begins licking her gorgeous asshole ! Ohhhh ! Nice diapered Lily just loves eating out ad licking Ruby's asshole as she sticks one and then two fingers in Ruby's ass and fingers her as Ruby squirms and moans with glee ! So hot ! I love how Lily takes her fingers out of Ruby's ass then puts them in her mouths and sucks on them to get them all wet again and keeps fingering the diapered Ruby's amazing asshole !
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Daisy Lily Dahlia Lesson2
Daisy Lily Dahlia Lesson2: In this super HOT TRIPLE DIAPER SLUT scene we have the cute innocent Daisy, Lily and Dahlia back for more naughty, dirty, diaper slut fun ! Lily and Dahlia just cannot resist hot sweet and cute Daisy looks in her nice big white soft diaper and they just have to feel her sexy diapered ass and they give her a few smacks on her ass just to make she feels it ! Daisy just loves having her diapered ass smacked by her playmates ! Next, Lily wants to open Daisy's ass right up and be able to stick her tongue right up Daisy's sexy diapered asshole so Lily grabs a nice silver metal ass speculum ! Ooooooh, this is gonna be fun ! First, Dahlia and Lily open up the fasteners on Daisy's nice diaper to expose her beautiful diapered ass beneath her diaper ! Ohh wow ! I just love seeing Daisy's sexy ass with her open diaper hanging off it ! Lily bends Daisy over and starts to open up he ass after she lubes up the metal speculum. Dahlia starts to kiss and make out with Daisy as Lily cranks open her ass nice and wide with the speculum until we can see right up he gorgeous asshole !Next Lily eats out and licks Daisy's asshole and fucks her diapered ass with a nice black butt plug as Dahlia kisses the gorgeous Diapered Slut Daisy. Stay tuned for more from this ultra sexxxy diapered slut trio !
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LeaMarie Lesson1: LeaMarie Lesson 1: Ohhh my ! What have we here, BRAND NEW 18 YEAR OLD super hottie Diaper Slut LeaMarie ! It is my lucky day once again as we have a total newbie in LeaMarie ! She has literally never ever done anything remotely close to this before and has never even been in any kind of adult film before in her 18 year old life ! How precious ! Well Lea Marie has such a gorgeous teen hard body I just have to get a good look at her as she gets all diapered up for our enjoyment ! Mmmm, mmm ! wow she does look amazing in her sexy, soft big white adult diaper ! What a hot little super star LeaMarie is ! I can't help but to spank her gorgeous diapered ass as she bends over to show it to me ! I love watching as LeaMarie begins to rub her diapered clit through her diaper as her pussy gets wetter and wetter is so hot ! Soon she just can't resist slipping her inside and down the front of her diaper so she can really get at her hot clit ! Ohhhh wow, LeaMarie is getting super turned on a she rubs her clit faster and faster till she comes nice and hard for me ! So amazing how she soaked her diaper with her hot cum ! I can't wait to see much more from my brand new diaper slut !